Business growth is a key area for any business and we have put together a number of Growth & Development Tools that help you as the business owner focus on the development of the business and plan for the exciting growth in the year ahead.

There is information on each of our services and examples of some of the reports to help you understand how powerful some of these tools can be when implemented in your business.

Our Beyond Business Sessions are face to face or interactive webinars for business owners and their management team; focusing not only on new business, tax and industry releases but on the ‘nitty gritty’ of your business. Whether you need help with motivating your team, pricing for profit, objection handling, interpreting your accounts or having a member of the Aspirations team provide a Mystery Shopping service on your business; we want to be there on the journey to your aspirational business. Find out what our next Beyond Business Session is about.

What is the key to business success?There are 10 factors that we believe can help with success and check out our Top 10 Tips page for further information. In summary the 10 are:

1. Lack of management systems

2. Lack of vision and purpose by principals

3. Lack of financial planning and review

4. Over-dependence on specific individuals in the business

5. Poor market segmentation and strategy

6. Lack of knowledge about the market and competition

7. Failure to establish or communicate company goals

8. Absence of a standardised quality program

9. Inadequate capitalisation or lack of funds

10. Owners concentrating on the technical, rather than strategic, work at hand.

As a business owner do you know how to interpret the numbers in your accounts?

With our easy to understand guide we guarantee that you’ll have a much better idea of how to understand what’s going on in your business. Just by looking at the numbers so you can see the key issues there, and if you can understand the numbers in your accounts much, much better, understand the key issues, the underlying concerns perhaps, what’s good, what’s bad, you’ll be able to make much better decisions in your business. We examine the accounting and measurement systems that you want to put in place to enable you to make better business decisions.

Robert O’BrienDirector
I am very happy with the exceptional service that I have always received from everyone at Aspirations. They have helped me run my business for the past 3 years and given me brilliant advice. They are always looking at ways of improving my business and even provided me with an annual report with some recommendations to improve my profitability.

One Page Plans

A simple and easily understandable business plan that fits on to one page of A4. The One Page Plan tells you how you are doing, helps you to identify the areas you need to work on, and forces you to think about, record and monitor the action you are going to take to do even better in the future. The OPP is easy to update on a monthly basis – making it a living document that always records the most up to date performance information and the most up to date action plans To download a copy of the one page plan – Click Here

Growth Accelerator Training

By forcing you to draw up a monthly action plan, it helps you to actually take action… which, as we all know, is ultimately the key to success (but is all too often overlooked because we are all too busy doing the things we have always done).

It can (and ideally should) be posted on notice boards etc. so that everybody in the business knows exactly what the business is trying to achieve, how far they have got towards achieving it, and what they can do to get the business there even faster.

When used in this way it also provides a focus for discussion, effort and creativity. It also acts as a brilliant tool to motivate your team (because one of the main reasons for de-motivation is that they cannot see the point or the importance of what they or the business are doing – and the OPP makes all of that a thing of the past).

Fail to plan – plan to fail! It’s a cliché but true, you might not fail completely but you may fail to reach your full business potential. For ambitious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by at least 20% per year for the next three years. Do you have a detailed plan on how to achieve the business results that your efforts deserve? Without a vision and goals how will you know whoever you have achieved what you wanted when you set out.

At Aspirations we work with you over a 12 to 18 month period to articulate your personal and business goals. These form the basis for your strategic plan to achieve those goals by breaking those strategic plans into quarterly tactical plans we will support you through the whole process, challenge your thinking and ideas to extract the best plan for you and your business. By having detailed plans that you are held accountable to achieve will give you the best opportunity for business success.

The team at Aspirations will help you to systemise your business processes to ensure that you only do the things that are important and everything else gets done to your standards every time. The effects are twofold, firstly it will free you from the day to day running of the business to pursue the important things in life and secondly if will significantly improve the value of your business.

Currently the government are offering generous financial support to small businesses please enquire to find out the latest details.

Systemising of your business

Simple Stuff that Works

The end goal with the majority of businesses is to sell them as part of the owner’s retirement plan. However, many owner-managed businesses are not worth anything because the owner is the business; take him or her out of it and there is nothing left. Aspirations have many years of experience in helping to increase the value of businesses in a variety of industries. The answer is simple – systemise. The concept is simple but the process can be timely and difficult. Most owners don’t have enough time in the working day as it is and many sacrifice time with the family to work in their business. They reason with themselves that they are providing for their family and that it will work out in the long run. With systems in place you can take yourself out of the business secure in the knowledge that everything will be done exactly the way you would have done it yourself. Please contact us to find out how the Aspirations team can help you through this process.

Software that will improve these 7 key growth drivers:

  • Increase the number of customers you have
  • Convert more leads into sales
  • Get your customers to spend more with you
  • Get your customers to spend more often
  • Ensure your customers remain your customers
  • Price for profit
  • Systemise everything

The small things you can do really make a difference to your business In the 3 modules of SSTW, business owners explain what they’ve done to help their businesses grow – how an electrical contractor got their existing customers to buy more, how a haulage company found a way to make their customers stay loyal for longer, how a pet shop owner increased custom in a quiet period. There are dozens more real life examples in the software, which also calculates the potential financial impact of putting these strategies to work.

Company Insider

A member of the Aspirations team will spend a period of time in your office. This can be anything from 2 days to 3 weeks but the average is one week.

Your organisation, product/service, team and systems will be reviewed using a SWOT analysis.

The Report
At the end of our time with you, we will prepare a RECOIL report which is a measure of your business potential based on existing:

R – resources
E – experience
C – control systems
O – organisation
I – ideas base
L – leadership

The report will be broken down into various sub-headings with further subsets to support the findings. We will then then meet with you to discuss the report. A presentation can be given to your team which will include everything you are happy to share with them. Recommendations will be honest so be prepared for constructive criticism. The more we find then the more potential there is to improve so any criticism will be a good thing. We will then work with you to devise a list of action points and set some due dates.

A follow up meeting will be held to see how the changes are coming along.