Through our reverse seminars our team are able to meet up with our clients and learn about a diverse range of businesses that operate in the Rochester and Medway area.

It is always exciting for us to get to know more about these businesses and how they have developed and what challenges they have overcome since they started.

A latest client who came into share her story with us was Jackie from KMS who provide a complete practice management service to private consultants.

The company started with 6 employees however now employees a team of over 30 having gone through a period of rapid expansion in terms of both turnover and profitability.

This proved challenging in a number of aspects and Jackie shared with us the importance of her team and how to get them motivated and onside.  Explaining to her team the benefits to the client of having a professional 52 week service, rather than having a part time service allows them to work together and has been a massive impact on helping them to grow their practice as they all work together as one unit.

In order to help with the team Jackie has a rigorous induction and training programme and has put in outstanding systems into the business that her team follow.

As a result of having a strong team, as the business owners, Jackie and Sam are now more removed from the day to day activity and can work on the business and the strategy to develop more growth and sustain the future of the business.  They are able to choose their clients and work with a selective group of clients and deliver an exceptional service.

Thank you Jackie for coming in and we love your systems and your team!  Something we are also passionate about at Aspirations Accountancy.